LIONSGATE – Lionsgate, so named for the great marble lions that stand at the entrance to the harbor, is the largest city in the region with a population that hovers around 36,000 people. It is from here that King John rules from his alabaster palace.

SALTMARSH – A good-sized city, Saltmarsh began as a fisherman’s village and trading post and grew into a walled town and harbor. It is an important center of trade within Valenor.

ORLANE – Orlane is hardly worth mention except for it’s proximity to the Rushmoors, a swampy area where grow a wild leek that are said to be the “tastiest vegetable that has ever graced your mouth.” Unfortunately, the Rushmoors are also home to tribes of savage lizardmen and far worse.

HOMMLET – The village of Hommlet, a well-known trading stop, gets it’s notice from a more sinister secret. A decade ago, an evil cult began to erect a fortress nearby. The good folk of the region rose up to stop them and the fortress was never completed, but remnants of the cult still exist in the area, even today.

RESTWELL KEEP – Restwell Keep is a small borderlands keep along the Moonset Hills that border the lands of Haven. It is a draw to adventurers of all stripes because of the nearby location of the Caves of Chaos, a canyon that houses numerous tribes of evil humanoids. Also nearby are rumored to be the ruins of the dungeon complex known only as Quasqueton. This was once the home of two powerful figures of legend; Zelgar, a powerful wizard, and Rohn, a mighty-thewed warrior. They built a vast underground complex somewhere in the Blacktip Mountains, but they have not been seen in over a century and are believed long dead. More than one adventuring company has tried to locate their lair and has died in the effort.

SPIRIT’S HOLLOW – Spirit’s Hollow is the largest city in Darquemoor, and it is here that Sean (John’s half-brother) rules Darquemoor from his ebony tower. Many say that Sean is not the true power behind the throne, however.

ATHICA – The de facto capitol of the Thetian Empire, Athica is a city of beauty and philosophy. In the public forums, governing officials debate endlessly while slaves hurry to and from on missions from their masters.

TRADER’S HARBOR – Trader’s Harbor is a capitol in name only, and is the only city on the Wild Coast where humans and demi-humans may be found in prominence. It is a lawless, grimy city where criminal overlords hold sway.


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