VALENOR – A region ruled by Jean Le Blanc Roi (King John the White). This is where the heroes originate from and where many of their early adventures will take place.

DARQUEMOOR – Darkmoor was once a part of Valenor, and it’s citizens still consider themselves Valorans-in-exile. About two decades ago, however, King John’s half-brother, recently exiled from Valenor, took power and seized the lands from the Rivière des Ombres (River of Shadows) to the border with Thetia. Sean declared this area his territory, as was “his rightful due,” and named it Darquemoor. Darquemoor is a land held in the grip of terror, as Sean’s evil creations (undead, and far worse) patrol the landscape and keep the people under his sway.

THETIA – Thetia is an old empire, much older than Valenor, Darquemor, or Haven. The people here speak a variant of Arcadian known as Thetian and the empire is fiercely guarded against incursion from Darquemoor or Haven.

HAVEN (AKA THE GREAT GREY LAND) – Haven is, quite literally, a wasteland. Much of the region is covered in a virulent red glow that literally saps the life force from animal larger than an insect that enters it. It is said that the source of the disaster lies within the ruins of Castle Argenta, The Palace of the Silver Princess, and that if someone bold enough were to enter the castle and lift the curse, the land would return to the verdant and thriving valley that it once was.

THE PLAINS OF KALISH – The Plains of Kalish are an untamed wilderness, named for the first person ever to attempt to explore them (and whose fate remains unknown).

THE WILD COAST – The Wild Coast is a lawless region that serves as home to many evil humanoid tribes. The free city of Trader’s Harbor is a capitol in name only.


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